Make it easier!

With A:Z:L you can, from the data stored in A:Z:E, determine all wage-relevant values and manage the absences. In addition to monthly data, annual totals are calculated both calendar-wise and differently from the calendar year. The management of the remaining leave and the adding of new leave entitlement is automatic.

Simple billing of working hours


A:Z:L uses time models to evaluate the times and dates stored in A:Z:E, knows public holidays and calculates allowances and surcharges. It can also be split into cost centers or cost units.
In the simplest case, enter only the evaluation period and start the evaluation. Above all, if you have to manage complex work relationships, with different requirements such as collective agreements, individual company agreements, constantly changing employee hours, you will appreciate A:Z:L.

At the push of a button, you determine:

  • Normal working hours
  • Plus hours
  • Overtime
  • Sundays, holidays and night work.
  • Vacation days and hours.
  • Rest leave and new leave entitlement.
  • Payment entitlement for holidays, holidays, sick leave, etc.
  • Various absenteeism
  • Travel diets, hazard pay
  • Layer, Dirt Danger Gages
  • Average calculations.

Variable working hours

Automatically detect shift changes or actively determine which models to use.

Flexible time compensation

Automate the balancing of good times and absences and determine the values to be paid out.

Absence management

A:Z:L automatically calculates new vacation entitlement, manages the rest leave and other absences.


Despite easy operation, powerful functions are available for the evaluation.