Why choose us?

We want to become the leading supplier for time management systems in the german-speaking region.

Our objective is to develop standard software, which is easy applicable and ecnonomical, while we are always open to customer requests.

We develop individual operational information systems and have excellent Knowhow in the human resources section as well as in commerce sectors.

We offer our customers entire- oder partial solutions, and lead projects together with our partners.


We think of our products as tools, which help to carry out various tasks quickly and efficiently. 


We are always keen to develop easy-to-use and understandable solutions. This begins even at istallation.


Despite our easy and user friendly interface we strive to solve complex challenges. 

Friendly service

Customers hold our friendly service and competent advice in high regard. 25 years to your service.


Get just what you want, through the modular construction of our products.


We are happy to adress your problems and wishes individually. This way we are able to realize your optimal solution.