We are pleased to be able to introduce ourselves to you in English. Since our product descriptions have not yet been translated, please use our contact form to obtain more specific information.

Contented clients are our biggest success.

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We specialise in developing business solutions for time tracking, access control as well as computerized point-of-sale and ticket systems. We supply complete solutions, components or just the service. We meet your business needs.

Here you can download product descriptions, prices and demo-versions.

This is how it should be!

You want a professional solution that's effective and easy to understand. You want installation and servicing to be effortless and fast. And the price should be right.

And so it is!

Because we customise our products to meet your needs, You get a business solution that has been tested in real-life situations. A solution tailored to your needs. A solution that profits from our know-how.

Have a unique business need? We will also gladly develop a totally new business solution for you. Take advantage of our extensive experience in sales and human resources.

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